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The success and longevity of the programme provides a unique opportunity for donors and sponsors to support a worthy learning environment. Below is some information about uBambiswano that is relevant to potential donors:

  • uBambiswano is a registered NPO (NPO 039 – 156) that operates under the management of St Andrew’s School for Girls.

  • The uBambiswano committee meets quarterly and is represented on the St Andrew’s School Board of Directors.

  • The financial statements are audited, with financial control provided by St Andrew’s School’s for Girls finance department.

  • As an NPO, companies are provided with documentation allowing them to benefit from the DTI’s BBEEE codes and earn credits.

  • Contributions to our Saturday School Programme qualifies donors to earn up to 5 rating points under the Social Economic Development (SED) section of their score cards.

  • 100% of our beneficiaries are Black South Africans.

  • We offer marketing opportunities through the recognition of sponsors on our website, on social media and at various events.



The programme relies on external funding, mainly in the form of fundraising by St Andrew’s School for Girls and external donations. The funds are used to pay for the teaching of the students, rather than the running of the environment, and includes learning and teaching resources, teachers’ salaries and stipends for volunteers, outings and camps, transport, catering and student uniforms. Donations can be given in the following forms:

  • A lump sum to support the overall programme

  • Sponsorship of a child to attend the Saturday School annually

  • Sponsorship of an uBambiswano fundraising event

  • Contribution of in-kind products, services and networking opportunities

  • Opportunities for post matric skills, training and internships.

Funding is also required in the form of bursaries and scholarships for our students to obtain entry

into top-quality high schools.


uBambiswano, Standard Bank

Eastgate branch no: 018 505

Account no: 421 574 224                           For more info email:

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