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1. How does being part of the Saturday School Programme benefit your child?

  • My child’s results have improved.

  • She shows more confidence in herself.

  • She develops more knowledge.

  • Opportunities to receive bursaries and scholarships.

  • She improves things she was struggling to do.

  • She has fun.


2. What would be different for your child if he/she had not been part of the programme?

  • She might have got involved in bad things.

  • She has learned responsibility and accountability.

  • He would be hanging out with friends and not interested in books.

  • She wouldn’t be excelling as she is now.

  • She would be roaming the streets and losing focus.

  • She wouldn’t be serious about school as she is now.


3. How do you view the content of the programme?

  • It helps my daughter get high marks.

  • It focuses on the most important subjects and encourages our children to love Maths and Science.

  • You do many good things for our children.

  • Our children have learned respect.

  • It helps them focus on schoolwork.

  • She takes part in different activities, new things.


4. What does this opportunity for your child to be part of uBambiswano mean to you as a parent?

  • I now believe that my child can be an achiever.

  • It helps her cope at school.

  • He pays more attention to his schoolwork.

  • It means a lot. I wish she can go far because it keeps her safe.

  • It’s a privilege for her to be part of the programme.

  • It shows that there is still hope for parents such as me…having assistance to get my child to achieve more in life.


5. What can you and your community do to help uBambiswano?

  • Get financial contributions from the community.

  • We need to reach out to more children.

  • Encourage our kids to take this opportunity seriously.

6. What parents say about uBambiswano:

  • “My child’s marks have improved.”

  • “He is proud and has more confidence in himself.”

  • “We are excited that she has more opportunities to apply for bursaries and scholarships.”

  • “My child has improved at things he was struggling to do at school.”

  • “If it wasn’t for Saturday School, my child would be hanging out with his friend and not be interested in books and learning.”

  • “Our children learn respect, and they focus more on their academics.”

  • “She is taking part in all sort of different activities – she is so excited to go to Saturday School!”

  • “I believe that my child can achieve his goals.”

  • “Thank you, uBambiswano, for giving me hope for my child’s future.”


1. How does being part of the Saturday School Programme benefit you?

  • I learn more than I do at school.

  • I understand better when the work is done at school.

  • I do things I have never done before.

  • It helps me with my schoolwork.

  • I stay off the streets.

  • We are taught lots of things.


2. What would be different for you if you were not part of the programme?

  • We don’t learn these things at school.

  • I need these extra lessons.

  • I would be a different person.

  • I would spend my time watching movies and playing games.

  • I would be doing chores and watching tv.

  • I wouldn’t have a place where people see my work.


3. How do you view the content of content of the programme?

  • Clean environment.

  • I appreciate the food, the teachers and the activities but I need help with Life skills.

  • I feel safe around my teachers.

  • I love the buildings and clean toilets.

  • Opportunities to apply for scholarships.

  • Public speaking has made me confident.


4. What does this opportunity to be part of uBambiswano mean to you?

  • Opportunity to help others.

  • I understand that I have the potential to be what I want to be.

  • I would like to help other children have a bright future.

  • It is a great honour for me.

  • I have the opportunity to become a better person.

  • It means a lot to my family.

  • It means a lot because not many children get an opportunity like this.


5. What can you do to ‘pay it forward’ to your community?

  • To be a good example and a great leader, have a better education and a bright future.

  • Help people understand the value of education, not to lose hope.

  • I can teach children to read.

  • I can help children with their homework.

  • I could advise and motivate children to work harder.

  • By being a leader and a role model to others.

  • Others in my community hate white people. Sometimes I wish that God can give me the guts to tell them how wonderful white people actually are. They actually care about us.


6. Comments and Suggestions

  • Thank you to the teachers and sponsors for everything.

  • I really like my Saturday School teachers … because they take care of me and they are there when I need them and they comfort me.

  • It’s a great opportunity for us.

  • The toilets are clean and the gardens have flowers.

  • My life has changed.

  • I see my future very bright.

  • Thank you for taking good care of us.

  • This was the biggest achievement of my life.

  • Being here means I am destined to succeed in life.

  • This is my stepping stone to success.

  • Our communities don’t believe in their children but uBambiswano does.

6. What students say about uBambiswano:

  • “I learn more on Saturdays than I do all week at school!”

  • “We are taught all kinds of different things, like coding and yoga and more.”

  • “I love the Public Speaking lessons. They have made me more confident.”

  • “I appreciate the teachers – they make lessons fun.”

  • “Thank you for showing me how to be a good example and a great leader. I have a bright future.”

  • “uBambiswano means a lot to my family. Not many children in my community get an opportunity like this.”

  • “uBambiswano has shown me that I have the potential to be what I want to be.”

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