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These are the special people who, along with so many others, make it happen. We are so grateful that you have bought into the spirit of what happens here. Understand the extent of your influence and the worth of your involvement.

You have won these young hearts and minds. Thanks for showing up and pulling in the same direction. You are our cheerleaders, nurturers and builders. We admire your spontaneous enthusiasm and passion, your devotion to the cause, the way you inspire, mobilise, defend and serve our children.


Thank you to Roy Fisher, An Solot, Annette dos Santos, Joline Geldenhuys, Tsholo Mhlanga and Brian Appleton pictured to the right, unfortunately Charity Moyo, Michael Smith and Melissa Papastefanou are not in the photo.

“When we develop and empower learners there is a motivation to perform better and engage meaningfully.

After many years in Europe working as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, training consultant and lecturer in the private and government sectors Annette returned to South Africa in 2000.


In 2004 she went to the UK to study Literacy and Language teaching further. Apart from teaching, Annette also worked on several government funded projects for skills development among ex-offenders, asylum seekers and refugees. Two years later, when back in South Africa, she concentrated on literacy development and moved into teacher training as a facilitator, coach and mentor. It was in this space that Annette understood and engaged with the broader issues and very real challenges relating to education and transformation in our country. Annette decided that this was the space she wanted to operate in.

On a personal level, Annette says that her job within uBambiswano allows her to be authentically and emotionally engaged in meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding work that matches her own values and sense of purpose and therefore is an expression of who she is. “When we develop and empower learners there is a motivation to perform better and engage meaningfully. They see increased chances of success and are more confident about the possibility being able to achieve the vision they have for themselves. Their lives are irrevocably changed and dreams become possible. Education improves society,” says Annette. The programme and staff have bought into the universal appeal to give children a better future. This is what inspires everyone and pulls them forward.

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