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When I am asked to explain what it is that we do here at uBambiswano, I often hesitate to respond with the basic answer, which is, “We are a Saturday School”.

Yes, we are a Saturday School at our core, but we do so much more than just improve students’ literacy and numeracy results because we believe in holistic education. We combine academic excellence with a wealth of co-curricular activities in order to offer our students as many cultural and sporting opportunities as possible. This approach produces children who are cheerful, healthy, well-balanced, sociable, and brimming with self-confidence and optimism.

We are a family at uBambiswano, and this gives us the freedom and space to explore new ideas and interests. As I walk around the school, I take pleasure in seeing the strength and warmth of the interactions between students and staff. Our 33-year history tells a story of community and innovation – and that still continues today.

As Head of School, I believe passionately in the importance of the individual. Every child at uBambiswano is valued for their contribution, and encouraged to develop their unique talents. Students thrive in this environment because there are no stereotypes and every achievement, big or small, is applauded.

I am impressed on a daily basis by our students’ tenacity and achievements, their individuality and their enthusiasm for learning. Their growth inspires me. I regularly receive emails and calls from uBambiswano alumni, who contact us to share their successes. Some share that they have been awarded a scholarship by a top university, or have been appointed to a senior position in a company, to name just two. Whenever I read or hear these stories, I feel energised to continue because they are proof that an uBambiswano education is transformative.

Whether you are looking for the right Saturday school for your son or daughter, or you would like to know more about what we do and how you can help, you are welcome to browse through our website and contact us. We would love to hear from you!



Head of School: uBambiswano

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